Dear ZNA Heads,

He is surely the Artist who from day one was most excited about our ZNA project as we are, supporting it in every way, and helping us to spread the word among the artistic community about our “mission”. His hand was present in many of the band reviving “miracles” we have materialized so far.

As many of you are aware, he is not only one of the founders of the great Flying Rhino Records, but also one of the most respected artists out there.

Back in 2013 we had the privilege of having him show us first-hand what a unique and rare opportunity it is to embrace and celebrate our roots in a futuristic way, and we immediately connected with his ideal.

That's right - our path and vision had James "Midas touch" in it, and we LOVE IT!

In fact the very first time we ever heard the name “Retrodelica” was in the awesome compilation James did back in 1997. He masterfully revived magical tracks from the early 90’s, and unknowingly set the flow for a whole psy scene dedicated to reviving tracks from the past…

As an active Dj for well over 20 years, James Monro is known as a bringer of joy trough his emotional, rhythmic performances.

To name his many great deeds as a musician would be exhaustive.

To say he is a kind soul is an understatement.

To say he is a brother is a honor!

James Monro is a very eclectic and open-minded genius, which prompts him to melt different genres of music into one amazing psychedelic experience. There are few people as modern and forward thinking as he is, and that’s also why we feel he fits right at home with us.

For the first time ever in our biannual celebration, James will spin out an exclusive Flying Rhino Records musical journey for our delight. So, expect a completely different musical approach from the co-founder of the almighty Bumbling Loons (with Dick Trevor), Technossomy (with Mat Evans) and 3D (with Darhsan), to name but a few.

Let's Fly high with his ZNA.


: : :