A producer who needs no introduction and who became one of the major visionary trendsetters while shaping the psychedelic scene since its very beginning. He is considered by many the most talented psychedelic music producer of our times...

We believe the feeling is mutual when we say that most of us have been dreaming about having the opportunity to dance to his performance at a ZNA Gathering.

And to our surprise, it turns out that one of the reasons why he accepted our invitation is because it came to his attention, that the ZNA dancefloor has The Flame. The flame that many believed was near extinct... The flame that is not possible to reproduce, or to be mass produced... It is instead the direct effect from the way you experience our Gathering. The way that most of you deliver yourselves to the music being played on our mainstage. And also the way you treat the ones next to you. Basically that's why ZNA has been so special. And apparently each year more and more pure goa trance way of life enthusiasts are becoming aware of this energy, making each edition more colourful and beautiful.

So it makes sense for us when we think that this achievement became possible because of you. Because of your positive energy, your fantastic way to celebrate the roots of our scene during each ZNA edition.

It came to our attention that these moments generated in our dancefloor by our collective energy is highly cherished by many of the oldschool party goers. Most importantly, it has also become a reference for the new trancers.

This has been the magnet that draws people into our ZNA experience. All consequences of our devotion and love for this concept and magical scene, and last but not least ... your unwavering support.

So without further due here is one of those amazing consequences:

- We just got the opportunity to dance in a idyllic summer gathering to the majestic music of Mr Simon Posford himself -

What does this means exactly?
That's right! A ZNA tailored performance taking us into the realms of legendary oldschool Hallucinogen work!! If that's not the definition of epic, we don't know what is!!!

As you can imagine, we find no words to describe how much pride and honour we feel in being able to provide this moment to all of us...


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