There was a time when two young musical scientists had the brilliant idea to merge their sound lab forces with a crazy Italian, known for being part of Lotus Omega project, in order to breath life into a project who is well known by everyone as Systembusters.
Their goal back then was to take the audience into a state of growling euphoric madness, never seen, experienced or heard before on a dancefloor. They wanted the dancer to be emerged in their amazing productions skills, full of layers and leads, with samples that would make us believe we were inside a trippy sci-fi movie.
Suddenly, what was just an idea became a trademark and at the same time that a new wave of emerging psy music enthusiast started to demand, trading and sharing their music they became THE reference to all party goers. And since then, nothing ever was the same again....

Even though at this point these musicians were individually as separate projects making musical history, it was together as a team (in our perspective of course), that they were able to shape the course of a part of the future of our scene.
They produced one of the most acclaimed albums that set the ground rules of how we expect the sound of our goa/psy trance music to sound like.
And with only one album and few singles, they managed to create what many believe to be major timeless anthems. Tracks that are engraved in the legacy of our scene. It´s true that from this moment forward many things changed and many goa music addicts got divided trough evolution and its path. Nevertheless, its undeniable that they brought a completely different experience which was and still is, completely dancefloor orientated.

Well... we love them, and knowing that we will have these guys playing all their powerful growling basslines the way they meant in the first place is a dream becoming a reality.
If anyone asked us which is the soundtrack of that "deja vu" feeling that most of us experienced during the sunrise hours at the dancefloor? The feeling that came along with the familiar faces and smiles that start to rise up at the same time the sun starts to warm our souls!? Well we would say one of the GMS vs Systembusters tracks for sure. If you attended to parties in the end of the 90´s we are positive that you will agree with us if not you will find out now what the hell are we talking about here.

To spice things up, if that´s even possible, on the same terms of the GMS vs Systembusters album this performance will not be only focused on Systumbusters music. Instead you can expect from the them a 2-hour performance with many of the dancefloor blasters that were played by all the dj who wanted to unleash some growling madness on a dancefloor.

So, as you already might have figured out, this will be The time to revive the legendary acid growling environments that the (G)old G.M.S and Amigos got us addicted in the first place and also to pay a tribute to one that unfortunately is no longer between us but during this performance will be on all our hearts – May you dance with us until the end of times Bansi!


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