For the 2nd time in ZNA history, we have the privilege of inviting Kristian Andersen to perform a Producer Set. We believe his music has the perfect pace and rhythm to rise our dancefloor to the next level of Goa Trance experience.

Kristian has dedicated his life to music and specialized in merging tribal elements and ambiance into the celestial and melodic side of the psytrance spectrum - a wave we will love to ride on our afternoon dancing sessions.

Music will be our only language and all our personal beliefs and opinions will fade away and rise back to life after such an intense and pure psychedelic ritual as this one. We will see why MUSIC and LOVE are above everything else and that this is what the world needs so as to heal and exist in a state of pure harmony.

Between all his musical projects such as Elysium, Sheyba, Kaaya and Undercover, among others, Kristian has accepted the challenge of building a specially designed performance solely for the Zambu family.

This musical magician will have some nice surprises and remakes up his more-than-known projects' sleeve, and will surely wow us in a unique performance filled with his best tricks and melodious illusions, that will surely not disillusion us.

We can't wait for this moment. For us this will be a moment of personal realization, and we are certain that all of this excitement and positivity will leave its mark on the experience of us all.

You know why? Because at that point, we will all be sharing the same ZNA.


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