She was the very first international trance DJ to play in Portugal (as far as we know). This was in the year of 1995, in a farmhouse in the south of Portugal.

All our lives were redrawn from those times onwards, forever faithful to the energy and power she emanated. She played dozens of times back in the days for the Zambu people and each time she did it our history as a group got bigger, richer and more colourful.

When we think about her we are filled with amazing memories of the energy and power she generates on and out of the stage.

She is one of a few “Goa kids” who grew up partially in Goa, attending parties as a child and teenager. She lived the golden age as she learned to DJ, party and see the world in this magical culture's eye. In her case, this came together with a natural born talent for mixing, and a spectacular energy and stage presence. Some people feel right at home behind the mixer. She grew up behind one - that IS her home.

We have always had her in mind for the line-up, but unfortunately due to external circumstances, she has not yet been able to come.

Knowing that she is FINALLY going to share the ZNA experience with all of us is an incredible moment and that's why we are really excited to share this news with all of you.

She was for many of us the reason we got exposed to this beautiful scene. So, having her here is not only about the excitement of listening to her unique performances once again, it's much more than that - it's almost like we will be blessed with a familiar feeling that we have been seeking for the last decades.

We can't wait to share this moment of togetherness.
We are sure the feeling is mutual!


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