Dino Psaras

Dino Psaras

Who does not remember those epic nights conducted by the heavy-weight producer known as Dino Psaras?

Well we sure do. In fact, his performances and music are engraved deeply in our minds. Everytime he performes the dancefloor becomes a place unsuitable for easy-listeners; it's rather a moment for the dancers to be emerged in an industrial and dirty environment inside the psytrance spectrum, which defined Dino Psaras' authentic and intense psychedelic trips that branded the night experiences at any proper dancefloor back in the days.

As an artist he fell in love for the art of mixing and producing acid beats in the late 80´s, and it was after a trip to India in the beginning of the 90´s that he realized that psytrance was exactly what he was looking for as a deck wizard. Since then, besides his dj performances he gave birth to various musical projects that have become a part of the legacy of the psy / goa trance scene such as Cydonia, Ayahuasca and Aurinko Rec, soon called Tortured Brain.

Knowing that, it is our honour to tell you that Dino Psaras accepted the ZNA challenge and most of this projects are going to be revived and fusioned into one single performance.
That´s right - Dino Psaras will take charge of the ZNA cockpit one more time, and drive us in a trip into sideral space with his producer set of monster beats.

Prepare yourselves, as this will surely be a mind-opening and powerful journey at the ZNA dancefloor. Take our word for it - you really don't want to miss THIS ride.


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