Color Box

Color Box

These are two dinosaurs from the (g)old era of Goa Trance music whom we worship and adore so much. Two Danish brothers that, in spite of their short career, have left us an amazing legacy that shows quite well that they both knew how to make priceless music for the dancefloor.

Together, they were known as ColorBox, although they had their own solo projects as well; one was known as Bypass Unit from Rene Ablidgaard and the other as Bass Complex, from his brother Kenneth Ablidgaard.

Their music is a rare specimen from the epic days of the Goa Trance we all love so much. As the committed musical archaeologists that we are, we have decided it was about time to put these two brothers on the same stage once again, and enchant all of us with their musical might from the Past.

It's incredibly rewarding when you feel the artist sharing the same excitement as we. In their case, they feel (and we know) they have the skills and the right music to deliver a beautiful late morning journey for all the Zambu people.

These are the artists that shaped our scene and engraved the best memories into our ZNA. These are the ancient dinosaurs we seek to revive on stage, the ones that make ZNA so special and unique in terms of music and quality.

Expect nothing but their best, and enjoy yourself with this time traveling experience into the epic old days of Goa Trance music - as we certainly will do.


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