Tomasz is an awesome musician, an amazing human being, and has this incredibly positive energy which is constantly flowing around him. What else do we need?

Well we tell you what we need - We need all his skills to unleash upon us his trademark groove for our late morning trance rituals. That´s right he is in fact a very important piece of our ZNA code sequence, and a member of our family.

This is why we cannot imagine our next edition without his amazing performance.

As most of you know, his music is highly demanded and played in every corner of the world. His sets have proven to be one of the highlights of every dance floor he plays in. If you pay attention to the way ATMOS's music connects with the mind and body, you are sure to love it.
His sets develop slowly, in an almost subliminal way. In order to dive into his world, all you have to do is go with his flow. A perfect sense of timing, great musical genius and irrefutable great taste grant him the status of absolute master. Slow, deliberate melodies creep up into the small nooks and crannies in our minds and make them light them up like fluorescent Art.
Calling his music intelligent is a huge understatement... It's enlightened!! Serious grove music to soothe your heart and soul.

At this edition we can expect a long drive through his outstanding music legacy. A performance that will be exclusively tailored for us.

So you just have to make sure you can join us on the dancefloor and experience with us the ZNA side of Atmos!!


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