As you may know our daily production motto is: the ZNA experience is not to be built under a "light" concept, in a "fast food" environment. It must only be done with pure affection, time, love and dedication. The same feelings and respect all of you have been giving us.

It's exactly under this perspective that we decided to invite Zaraz , the amazing star from South Africa, for the second time in a row.

Welcoming this amazing team once again into our ZNA family is much more than just an eccentric whim; we feel that it is a wise decision for when the stakes are this high. Not only she is going to use all the field experience gained from last edition in order to reach perfection, she also knows this is one of the most significant upgrades we plan to deliver for this next edition - and her experience and talent are already making us so proud of having her in our team.

Zara is the artist behind the Zaraz team and she dedicates her professional life in creating mesmerizing realities through Art. Her visual landscapes stimulate all our senses and recreate our perception. Using skills ranging from digital design to painting, airbrushing, sculpting and sewing by her multi-talented seamstress Christel, she creates unique, fantastic, and immersive environments.

We have been planning this next installation with Zara since the end of 2017 and it's undeniable: she shares our ZNA more than ever.

Together with our team she has been creating an outstanding setting full of surprises that will elevate our mainfloor into different levels of alternative realities.

We are really proud of this choice and excited to see this project building up live already.

As you know, we are deeply committed into exceeding your expectations - and we are sure this one is going to blast our minds through multiple dimensions.


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