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Man With No Name + Astral Projection

Dear ZNA Heads,

We’re here once again,  to make our monthly artist announcement, but we’ve switching things up a bit… This time we are announcing not one, but two different, absolutely awesome acts!

– Astral Projection and Man With No Name –

Why, we announced these 2 acts in a row you, ask?

Well, we’ve got three reasons for this:

– As you might be know Astral Projection & Man With No Name were meant to perform at the Nova party. Many of our psytrance family attended, where they hoped feel and absorb their music and beautiful powerful melodies. Unfortunately we know this wasn’t possible…. So we feel it is our duty to show the mad world we stick together and that we will keep dancing to honor a peaceful culture!

– The compassion and positive feelings these guys are known to emanate must overcome the madness and hate that is taking over our world.

– And last but not least, because they are absolute masters in their craft and hosting them is something we always look forward to!

Those of you who attended ZNA’s previous editions, know that their amazing uplifting performances make us feel and experience the dancefloor in unison,  as everyone shares the same euphoria, acceptance, enthusiasm and love.

We wish everyone can join us in this celebration of life while honoring all of those who share this same passion.
Our only intention with this announcement is to honor all the innocent lives lost and to promote feelings of love and togetherness, to unite us into becoming the society we wish to live in.
Without divisions, attacks or death separating us all.
Let’s dance together!

Check their bio here

We Share ZNA

We Share the same ZNA

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Dear ZNA family and psytrance community,

The moment is one of mourning and respect.

As you know an unimaginable disaster has come to pass. Our scene is a peaceful one, a magical portal into a different way to see, feel and act in this troubled world. The vicious attack to our brothers and sisters at Nova festival in Israel has cut deep into the heart of the goa/psytrance community. No words can describe the pain and feelings of loss our fellow dancers are experiencing.
Many of them were dancing with us by the lake last year…

So many lives lost, so much unwanted violence.
Our hearts bleed for the ones gone, and all of us left to mourn for them.

This is a moment where we need to support and comfort each other. Where we need to dig deep in our Zambu Trance souls and rescue the light that was so brutally extinguished.

We are the change we wish to see in this world.
Stay strong, believe in love, stick together.

Artist Annoucement

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Are you ready for this??

From the land Down Under we bring you, for the first time, the veteran Paul McCosh better known in the scene as Fractal Glider. An artist that has been exploring the psychedelic scene since the mid nineties, always delivering a very energetic and unique multi-layer soundscape crossing the boundaries of genre as he perfectly blends the melodies of Goa Trance with the powerful side of the full-on style.

Check out his full bio here here

ZNA 2024

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Ticket sales are ON

We are happy to announce our ZNA Gathering 2024 ticket sales HAVE JUST STARTED!

– Be mindful about the Terms & Conditions before purchasing your ticket/services.
– As long as there are tickets/services available you will be served in order of your request arrival – first come first served.
– After purchasing your ticket/service you should see a success message on your screen. It might take a couple of hours until you get the confirmation e-mail from our partners BeatBase with your ticket pdf. Please check your spam folder before contacting us.
-In case you have any question or doubts please feel free to reach us through our contact form we are at your disposal. 

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Ticket Sales

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Almost there…

Exactly at 11:59pm (GMT+1) on the 30th of September the code sent by e-mail to every ZNA Gathering 2022 ticket buyer will expire and on the next day, 1st of October at 11am (GMT+1), our official tickets sale for the next ZNA edition will start.

From that moment on everyone will be able to book a seat on our Zambu BUS shuttle, or a Tipi on our Zambu Tipi Camp but more importantly you will be able to guarantee your presence and be part of the unique Retro-Futuristic Celebration. A festival that provides a unique nostalgic and psychedelic experience in the most beautiful and idyllic piece of raw landscape.

As we mentioned, in this edition you will be given the choice of getting the normal ticket (personal, non transferable and non refundable) or the premium ticket (personal, non transferable but with refund option*) and you will also will have the option of choosing our installment service which will divide the price of your ticket into two different moments of payment.

Before choosing or purchasing your ticket we kindly invite you to carefully read through our terms & conditions. This way we believe you will be able to make a much clear choice.

Don´t forget that your support is what keeps our beloved ZNA Gathering reality alive. As an independent festival the ticket sales are the primary income we rely on to overcome all the financial commitments. As such, our commitment to you is that we will keep delivering our full devotion and dedication to make the best party of the century.

For any questions or doubts feel free to contact us HERE

Artist Announcement

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Process vs Nervasystem & Aether

A performance that is only possible because of the bond between 3 old studio friends and their collective will of playing together, for old times’ sake, on the best retro dancefloor we all know.
Check out their BIO here