Policies & Conditions


Fire is ABSOLUTELY forbidden in any form!!!

Fire risk is EXTREMELY HIGH on the ZNA Gathering land, so please don’t put yourself or others at risk and protect Mother Nature.



Due to the issues we had on the last editions we’ve decided to forbid pet owners to bring their pets under their supervision and responsibility. Unfortunately experience tell us that some owners don’t respect the safety and public health rules, and for that reason we can’t allow pets anymore.

Besides that if you love your pet you should know that festivals are not a place for them. Specially in this region of Portugal where temperatures can rise upwards of 40º C. This can cause extreme dehydration to your pet.

Bringing your pet to the ZNA Gathering can be a painful experience for your animal, and can also cause risks to public health.

The only dog-friendly zone will be outside the festival perimeter.

Whether you meant to do it or not – it is NOT COOL to abandon your dog. At previous editions there have been many cases of abandoned dogs, leading to incidents like people being attacked by pets left alone and in stress. It’s not clever to bring your dog to ZNA.


If you decide to bring them regardless, you must be aware that if you get caught you will be escort out of the festival.


Always use the lake in a responsible way.

Make sure you’re in the right mental and physical condition to enter the water.

Do not swim down too deep or too far away from the shore.

Avoid swimming alone.

Always keep a constant eye on children as they play near or in the water.

Never use the lake as your toilet.

Do not pollute the water with soap or detergents of any kind.

Respect others and nature!!


We were given the pleasure of celebrating the roots of our scene in this idyllic piece of land. With such an honour comes great responsibility. Therefore we ask you to never forget to strengthen your precautions towards the environment that is allowing us to have such a deep experience.

It’s strictly forbidden to:

A – Use any kind of fire.
B – To make your basic necessities in nature – please make sure you always use the several toilets distributed along the ZNA Land.
C – To cut or destroy any kind of living tree or plant.
D – Kill or arouse on purpose any kind of lifeform.


It’s important that you acknowledge that no bottles, cans, glass, containers, nor alcohol are allowed.

Only food, chairs (except for folding chairs), tables, or picnic equipment can be brought onto the campsite – please help us minimize the impact in nature by not bringing too much camping gear and then leaving it behind. Glass bottles increase the risk of fire and are harmful for the nature if left behind, so they are not allowed. Any of these items that are found will be confiscated.

Water and non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted in the festival area


The showers are supplied with the same mineral water you can find on any tap at the Gathering. Once you use that water for bathing, it is collected in tanks.

The water is then pumped and transported to a water treatment facility, many kilometres away. This is a strenuous and costly task, but one we take on seriously and with great resolve.

We care for your comfort, and Mother Nature’s preservation, so we kindly ask you to use the shower water wisely, and make sure you use only biodegradable shampoos, soaps, etc.

Please save shower water!

Be responsible!

If you get caught doing any type of act that can be consider as a lack of respect towards nature or the community’s freedom or rights, don’t take it personally when we invite you to leave the festival perimeter.

Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the Promoter or behave against the peaceful atmosphere we all want at ZNA Gathering may be removed from the Site.