Hospital/Emergency Room

Because having a safe environment and professional healthcare can be life-changing to every Zambu, we have invested once again in the service that Femédica team provides to most of the major events based in Portugal.

For us it’s crucial to provide an efficient service in all fronts, especially regarding the medical core: so we wanted to make sure that this professional team – with over 23 years of experience and a 99,2% success rate in medical interventions in loco in all the events they attend – would come once again to support our Zambu family during our next gathering.

We obviously hope they spend their time with us without having to put their skills to practice – however, if it comes to that, they certainly are the team we all want to be there for us, making sure we get the needed help and treatment.

So if you come to our gathering next year, you know who to call if things turn sour – Femédica is the team behind the permanent hospital we will have inside ZNA land.

Loving is caring, and you are our love.