Caravan Park

We understand the joys and challenges of life on the road, so we made sure to offer you a caravan-friendly place by providing spacious, well-equipped parking areas situated as close to the main areas as possible. However, there are several conditions which need to be considered when driving large vehicles through the natural terrain.

A – The Caravan Park has a very limited space. Many other people will be using it too, so please do not occupy more space than you actually need.

B – No sound systems allowed.

C – Shade structures must be smaller than 10m2.

D – Please recycle all trash at the designated recycling points, and get rid of remaining trash in rubbish bins.

E – Please pour all wastewater / greywater into the appropriate containers provided. Failure to do so will endanger the environment, the species that live in it and the well-being of those around you.

F – Please help us keep the Caravan and Camping areas clean, safe and fun by maintaining your area and looking out for each other’s possessions. Make friends with your neighbours.

G – Pets are NOT allowed at ZNA Gathering. Read about our policy and conditions.

H – Be mindful of trees, plants and tiniest forms of life. We can all have fun and still respect Nature.

I – You will not be able to move your vehicle for the duration of the festival once it is parked at the Caravan Park, which is situated within ZNA Land.