For the free camping we have chosen the area of ZNA Land with the most shade, to provide maximum comfort.

You are welcome to bring your tent and use this area to build your nest.

Never forget it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO USE FIRE in any form, anywhere on the ZNA Land.

Empower your green consciousness by using the multiple garbage bins around the land.

This area will have toilets and showers. Make sure you only bring biodegradable cosmetics (shampoo, soap, etc).

Please read ZNA’s camping policy.


This camp is very well located, in a natural spot within the festival, surrounded by ancient trees with beautiful views of the lake.

A special quiet place to relax and chill, ideal for couples, families, friends and for all those who wish to have a relaxed and unique experience at ZNA Gathering.

The Zambu Tipi Camp offers you a private camping area, featuring beautiful canvas bell tents, in the heart of the festival and close to the riverside.

There you will be able to sleep close to the action but in comfort, privacy and peace, whilst having exclusive access to additional services and extras.

All of these structures come equipped with foam mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, comforter, a simple locker and a camping light. Just bring your personal belongings, your spirit of adventure and your love for Nature.

Our Zambu Tipi Camp will be located in a calm, shaded and reserved area, with toilets and showers exclusive for the Tipi campers. We believe that this way you, your friends and your family can get a proper rest in-between party times.

Reservations and prices at  Tickets Information.


If you’re one of the Zambus who prefer to travel light, we have just the perfect solution for you: ZNA Gathering has a low budget option for those travelers that can’t, or prefer not to, carry their camping gear on-site.

Once you arrive at the ZNA Land you’ll find a stand renting all the camping gear you might need to fulfill your needs, such as tents and hammocks to rest comfortably at the camping place, sleeping mattresses and pillows to make your nights more rested.

Keep the superfluous out of your bag (and back), and bring only what you really need – we’ll bring the heavy stuff to you.

Please submit info about your camping needs below