One can think that, even though our sacred land is such an amazing place it can be quite small or limited, taking into consideration that there are a lot of different factors to be considered in the building up of our gathering: comfort, atmosphere, basic needs, practicality, ecology, environmental and safety laws, etc…

But we gathered up all of our expertise, other zambu’s personal user experiences on ZNA, and all the possible configurations and ideas, and have come up with this result, that we believe will make the best out of our magical 2024 meeting.

We have been blessed with the discovery of our magical lakeside paradise.

In the 2015 edition of our Gathering, we felt everyone fell in love with our own, little idyllic corner in the Universe…

Deep inside the Portuguese Natural Reserve we found a place with plenty of natural shade, a refreshing lake and a magical vibe.

Comfort, beauty and good energies.

This is our home!

We kindly invite you to read our policy and conditions.