ZNA Update

By February 2, 2024 News

Send us your Applications

Dear business owners,

ZNA Gathering’s applications for restaurants, food stands and stores are now open on the Participation section on our official website, and as such we’d like to invite everyone who has the skills and the infrastructure to provide our Zambu family with a proper solution that follows through with the quality and diversity we strive for at our unique retro-futuristic celebration.

To all Zambu business owners out there that managed to overcome these overwhelming times – we are counting on you to bring back into our lives the gastronomic, artistic and social experiences we’ve all been craving for!

We guarantee a proper and fair business environment without product competition. As such all the applications will be taken into account and chosen carefully, so that we can provide the best products, expertise, service quality and experiences our community can get/offer.

We can’t wait to start getting your applications and see you at ZNA land!

Any questions or doubts feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website.

Please check here to submit your applications.