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By November 6, 2023 News

Man With No Name + Astral Projection

Dear ZNA Heads,

We’re here once again,  to make our monthly artist announcement, but we’ve switching things up a bit… This time we are announcing not one, but two different, absolutely awesome acts!

– Astral Projection and Man With No Name –

Why, we announced these 2 acts in a row you, ask?

Well, we’ve got three reasons for this:

– As you might be know Astral Projection & Man With No Name were meant to perform at the Nova party. Many of our psytrance family attended, where they hoped feel and absorb their music and beautiful powerful melodies. Unfortunately we know this wasn’t possible…. So we feel it is our duty to show the mad world we stick together and that we will keep dancing to honor a peaceful culture!

– The compassion and positive feelings these guys are known to emanate must overcome the madness and hate that is taking over our world.

– And last but not least, because they are absolute masters in their craft and hosting them is something we always look forward to!

Those of you who attended ZNA’s previous editions, know that their amazing uplifting performances make us feel and experience the dancefloor in unison,  as everyone shares the same euphoria, acceptance, enthusiasm and love.

We wish everyone can join us in this celebration of life while honoring all of those who share this same passion.
Our only intention with this announcement is to honor all the innocent lives lost and to promote feelings of love and togetherness, to unite us into becoming the society we wish to live in.
Without divisions, attacks or death separating us all.
Let’s dance together!

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