We Share the same ZNA

By October 11, 2023 News

Dear ZNA family and psytrance community,

The moment is one of mourning and respect.

As you know an unimaginable disaster has come to pass. Our scene is a peaceful one, a magical portal into a different way to see, feel and act in this troubled world. The vicious attack to our brothers and sisters at Nova festival in Israel has cut deep into the heart of the goa/psytrance community. No words can describe the pain and feelings of loss our fellow dancers are experiencing.
Many of them were dancing with us by the lake last year…

So many lives lost, so much unwanted violence.
Our hearts bleed for the ones gone, and all of us left to mourn for them.

This is a moment where we need to support and comfort each other. Where we need to dig deep in our Zambu Trance souls and rescue the light that was so brutally extinguished.

We are the change we wish to see in this world.
Stay strong, believe in love, stick together.