By August 30, 2023 News

Intact Instinct from 2022 ZNA edition

As you might recall there was a time when the name Intact Instinct was part of many line ups of the parties we attended back in the 90´s and early 00’s. Back then, every time we went to a party where Intact Instinct was performing, we knew it would certainly be a night with an intense industrial German psychedelic flavour which they were responsible to shape back in those days having inspired many others.

This last ZNA edition we had the huge honour of hosting this amazing group at the ZambuTemple stage, who after years without performing took to their own very unique psytrance signature to the dancefloor. All of this for the sake of the good old times.

After their performance they told us that what they were experiencing at ZNA was beyond their wildest imagination. They were surprised by the opportunity to revive the enormous love this scene had shown them before.

We felt our mission was once again achieved and our hearts were filled with pride and gratitude.

From now on you will be able to relive or listen for the 1st time to their rare performance which is only available on our official SoundCloud and Youtube channels.