Graphics Reveal

By August 30, 2023 News

Welcome to our 2024 Retro-Futuristic Universe

The time has come to share with all of you our next edition’s artistic mindset and visual inspiration.

We believe we always need to keep evolving, and the way to do that is to invest in infrastructures and Art that stand out – which, we feel, has already become one of the cornerstones at our Gathering.

We want to continue being aligned with our vision to create a place where our all our senses are stimulated in a specially Zambu-designed frequency. This is a reality we start to construct months before our gathering, through all our publications, social-media channels and design contents, which culminates – as many of you have already experienced in the last editions – in the physical materialization at each gathering. That, alongside your beloved presence, is what builds our retro-futuristic reality, to be enjoyed by every Zambu while we experience the best weeks of our lives.

Javier aka Jilipollo is the great Big Bang that gave life to this edition’s Universe, to which everybody is now invited to be a part of. His perfect artistic skills have composed for us the most retro-futuristic symphonies of visual art, in a mind-blowing reality that is crafted with love exclusively for our collective delight. Once again, our ZNA Land will become a dimension in which every Zambu can experience that old-school aura fused with a powerfully creative futuristic reality.

Now we can all start dreaming about how it will be… On our side, we are already diving deep into how to exceed your (and our own) expectations, and we can say that this moment is the starting point for the best Retro-Futuristic experience we’ve ever had until now.