Artist Announcement

By August 30, 2023 News

DOOF & Xavier Fux

Did you ever imagine such a perfect 1st artist announcement?? Since 2011, when we first started bringing lost feelings back to the scene, we have been dreaming and fighting for the opportunity to present such an incredibly precious artist. And despite all our best efforts, we never succeed to do so. Finally we are enormously proud and hiper excited to inform that 24 years after we experienced his unforgettable epic closing set at the mainfloor of the almighty Boom Festival we will be able to see, feel and dance to Nick Barber Music again. At the next beloved retro-futuristic celebration this unique moment will come to life…Can you believe this?? But wait, there is more….

…not only will he provide a 2 hour exclusive producer set during the perfect timeslot. Filled with his known and not so well known, authentic acid melodic goa trance music, crafted from the very beginning of the 90´s. He will also share the mainstage for a second performance. This time together with his mate and co-producer from Vatos Locos project aka Xavier Fux. It will be a 3 hour musical journey that will certainly give us again the incredible feeling of knowing we are being exposed to one of the most epic and rare psychedelic trance moments we could ever wish for.

This very special announcement aims to set the pace from what is about to come for our next edition and to offer you the a epic starting point to start dreaming about it.

Check out their BIO here