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ZNA Land Map

By August 4, 2022News

Zambu Home

The time as come to unveil the official map of our ZNA Land 2022 (reschedule from 2021)!

Even though our sacred land is such an amazing place, one can think that it can be quite small or limited, specially when taking into account the different factors to be considered while developing our gathering: comfort, atmosphere, basic needs, practicality, ecology, environmental and safety laws, etc… As such, we gathered all of our expertise, other Zambu’s personal experiences at ZNA, pondered all the possible configurations and ideas, and came up with this result, which we believe will make the best out of our magical 2022 meeting.

We are really excited to welcome all our ZNA family in our newly improved and spiced-up homeland, and experience together our little Retro-Futuristic village!