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Are you ready yet??

By June 21, 2022News

ZNA Gathering 2022 (reschedule from 2021) timetable

The time for us to meet again is almost here, and because many of you are already planning for it, we wanted to put the general timetable at your disposal.

In order to make our work easier and logistics smoother – and to save us all some major (and avoidable) incidents – we kindly ask you to please not come before the official opening hour. Keep in mind that we do not have proper conditions for a pre-parking area, and in addition, this year the official bus shuttles will be the first vehicles to go in so as to avoid traffic hazards; as such, arriving earlier does not guarantee that you will be the first one to go in when the gates are open.

Our gathering aims to be a small but good one, so you can rest assured there will be plenty of space for everyone. Please do your best to respect our timetable, so that everything can run smoothly for every Zambu!

And always feel free to use our contacts form in case you have any further question.