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Closing Party Line Up

By December 31, 2021News

Ciao 2021 Welcome 2022

As promised, for the last announcement of 2021 we have something that we believe will make you want to forget this past year and start the new one with excitement.

A moment tailored exclusively for your delight, designed with our partners in crime and music addicts, the Suntrip Rec crew.

The music you will find here is meant to lift up our souls after a heavy week of stomping, bouncing and floating through the rhythm of those retro-nostalgic melodies we all love so much.

These are acts that’ll take the ZNA dancefloor to a yet unknown side of our scene, exposing us to the best and most powerful beats and acid lines our psychedelic goa Trance music can create.

It’ll be an unprecedented experience of the futuristic reality we always imagined, back in the days, how it could/should be, if our scene had evolved exclusively in our Zambu Rockers parallel universe.

Fell free to check the music alchemists that’ll make an appearance at our Closing Party, and you’ll see how special and intense our next ZNA edition will be.

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