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We miss you

By October 21, 2021News

We’re counting down the days

Dear ZNA Heads,

How much do you miss our retro-futuristic outdoor celebrations?? We have been dreaming night and day about the moment we meet again at our idyllic ZNA Land. Being blessed by your smiles and enthusiasm… being able to experience once again with you the epic sunsets at our private beach… dancing barefoot under our majestic ancestral Mediterranean trees at the sound of our music… having the best time of our lives with that intimate, comfortable and welcoming vibe you have spoiled us with… walking around the site and feeling once again how beautiful we are… being able to share and feel our ZNA!!!

The world forced us to put a pin on these so beloved moments of happiness, leaving our scene highly damaged for the sake of a higher welfare. Since the beginning of this nightmare we knew we needed to support each other more than ever, especially because our independent posture and lifestyle (which proudly defines us when in comparison to the overall scenes) would not make our lives easier considering such an extraordinary reality. However, ZNA is blessed to have your crucial support and empathy, and we have been strategically creative so as to be able to succeed in preserving and respecting our scene without harming the quality of the production we have planned for our next edition.

Also, our scene has been showing us in the last few weeks that the worst belongs now in the past – the time for us to achieve once again the right to share the dancefloor is right around the corner, leaving to each one of you the decision of joining us in the quest of relight our beloved scene.

From our side we want you to know we will keep our promise to you and when the time comes – 15th of August 2022 – you will find a massive production, a beautiful and unique retro-futuristic parallel universe designed and built with love and dedication only to exceed your expectations…

you just need to make sure you don’t miss ours or another psytrance celebration by using the ticket you already have or by granting one now!!

In our case, don’t forget that ZNA Gathering has a rather small limited capacity (5000 people) when comparing to most of the international festivals… and to make our dream our collective reality you need to be there!!

We Share ZNA.

Photo by Transformational Eye edit by Sara Constança