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Time to face the facts

By May 7, 2021June 20th, 2022News

ZNA Reschedule dates

Dear ZNA Heads,

It is against all our hopes and beliefs and with a heavy heart, that we come to you to face and state the following facts:

– We did our very best and humanly possible to extend the available time window we had to produce our unique bi-annual retro futuristic celebration.

– A ZNA Gathering takes more than 1.5 years to plan and more than 4 months to physically materialize.

– The legal health authorities along with the cultural department of the government at this point (7 May 2021), have not yet assumed an official position regarding outdoor events. However, it is becoming
clearer each day that if they will be allowed, they will have to obey many safety measures that it would totally destroy the way we experience our celebration.

– It’s also a fact that it will be a matter of time for us to resume our lives as we knew them before the Pandemic, but unfortunately our time to be able to make ZNA this year a reality, has just ended.

– You are the most important aspect of our existence and therefore we would never choose to make a celebration that goes against your safety or the concept of sharing and proximity you want to experience at our gathering.

– Our team will do whatever it takes in order to keep ZNA Gathering a reality, your reality!

These facts tell us that unfortunately the world is not yet ready for our celebration.  This means the ZNA Gathering will be postponed to August 2022, and it will not happen this summer (2021) as initially planned.

Future facts:

– ZNA Gathering will take place in the summer of 2022 and again in 2023. After that we go back to our normal bi-annual pace, in 2025.

– The tickets purchased for 2021 will be automatically valid for 2022.

– Even-though our gathering happens every 2 years, the financial commitments of our festival are not postponed by the current pandemic situation. And to keep existing as an independent festival who only relies on the ticket sales we need your support and help more than ever in order to keep ZNA Gathering our reality.

Please consider that from its inception, the ZNA Gathering (as most festivals in our psy-scene) has been a non-sponsored, independent event.
Our culture is proud to have grown and become established in a world where it did not supposedly fit in. This miracle has been possible because of the support of the magical people who believe in this alternative reality, namely YOU.
No sponsors, no government funds, no brands, just free willed zambu freaks. The only way this magical scene will continue to prevail, is if you keep supporting and believing in it.

Also, don’t forget that our psi world is a fragile one, and it includes a whole ecosystem of people and professionals who have been experiencing a very hard reality amidst this terrible ordeal of a pandemic. A whole cultural sector
which includes artists, technicians, builders, designers, producers, managers and many more that we need to protect in order to keep this dream alive.

And because we never forget Who We Are we kindly ask you to keep supporting the events you love and wish to see happening in the future, by keeping your tickets for next year if u have them and can afford to do so, or by buying tickets (in case you don’t have one) to help the whole scene survive this forced pause.

As the famous track goes “We Create Our Own Reality”, and in this case, we can save this reality too. You are the future of this scene and is up to you to keep it alive.

What we can promise all of you is that with your support we will continue sharing and spreading with all our strength and devotion our ZNA!!

Thank you for your trust and support!!
ZNA Team