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Facts vs Speculation

By February 25, 2021News

What can we expect?

Dear ZNA Heads,

Even though we are sailing in unknown waters, without the guarantees we were used to have before the world turned upside down, we choose to keep going on until something forces us to stop or go back, even though some might think that this attitude is disattached from the reality we are living today.

However, human history has plenty of examples that show us that sometimes believing and fighting against the odds can bring great surprises with epic outcomes. And you know what? We all need and deserve to feel each other again. We need to be Human again. And if there is the slightly chance to make ZNA Gathering happen we MUST keep our promise and commitment to you.

Now, it’s obvious that we would never put any of you at risk. We would never accept to make ZNA Gathering 2021 if that meant putting our supporters, free souls, their families and the general in danger. And we would never agree to go forth, if legal or healthcare constraints forced by a major government entity change the way we (need to) experience a festival like ZNA.

The fact is: at this point, anything that anyone says regarding 2021 Summer festivals’ situation is nothing but speculation – and speculation is not enough to make us turn back. We are a part of a devoted festival association that has been working side by side with the responsible legal authorities to study possible options and scenarios, and we assure you that everything is being made to find the best and safest solutions for all. First pilot events are being planned to happen in the beginning of April, that will serve as an example and guide us in the right direction for the next major steps – hopefully bringing back our lives, celebrations and escapes from our daily (now quarantined) routines.

Obviously this forces us to tighten our production schedule, and with this concern in mind we needed to analyze, with a sensible and professional conscience, when can this restriction and waiting period start to affect the quality of the Gathering we have been planning to offer to all of you. Our conclusion is that we may have until the end of April as the due date to assume a clear position on the outcome of our ZNA Gathering 2021 edition; until then we will keep on planning, developing and working on making our next reunion come true sooner than later. After all, we all deserve it!

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