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Zambu Podcast

By January 28, 2021News

GMS vs Systembusters

We know that most of you agree that life without music is, at the very least, dull and colorless. And music needs to be danced and shared by everyone.

In a time where our existence and life priorities are being redefined we must NEVER forget how crucial and important music is to our kind. The healing power, the emotions we experience, the way it makes us feel…, are just some of the most significant outcomes that derive from being exposed to this outstanding sensory art.
We, the ZNA crew, have devoted our lives to keep music as part of our existence; but it is you, the ZNA family, that make moments like this one, recorded in the Summer of 2019, really come to life with your support, energy & love.

We hope this new podcast from Riktam aka GMS vs Systembusters incredible performance at the past ZNA edition helps in keeping that fire of yours blazing high, that desire, that will to dance together again. It might be with us at our beautiful ZNA land or somewhere else, just as long as you never forget to let yourself get exposed to music. After all, your ZNA needs it!

Please take some time to support our artists – they are the ones that bring colors to our lives.


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