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Last 2020 announcement

By December 31, 2020News

Goa Guardians Full Lineup

As promised here you have it, the last announcement of 2020. Even though this year came out hard to many of us, forcing us to reconsider our life priorities, it also gave us space to rethink our human rights and inherited freedom concepts. Many shocking things happened this last year but we believe humans have the power to learn from their past experiences and change for the better.

Changes are not always easy, but they don’t always need to be a bad thing – in that sense we believe, and hope, that these teachings will make us better passengers in this cosmic pale blue dot we call Home. One thing that we have learnt from this whole year is that change is indeed an important part of life, and that impermanence is in everything that surrounds us, our way of life, our actions, even in our beliefs; and to evolve as rational and sentient beings we need to adapt, allow ourselves to expand our preconceived perceptions and learn from these different realities that keep mutating around – and within – us.

It’s in this mindset that we decided to celebrate our 10th year anniversary with a Goa Guardians Night designed by our dearest Zambu shamans, a group of visionaries that gather decades of psychedelic musical experience. These are the crafters of mind-bending realities that expanded our consciousness in the old days, and made us the trance addicts we are now! These guys will broaden your perception of what is real – and beyond. They will unleash on our Goa Guardians dancefloor all their experience and mastery, in an astonishing ride through the legacy of our beautiful and unique scene. Full List here

With a grand opening like this the sky is no longer the limit, the stars are. So let’s all do our best to concentrate our best energies and project on our hearts a New Year full of psychedelic dancefloor moments like this for all of us!

Our wish for this new decade is for us all to keep learning, growing and evolving in a positive way – and we’ll be delighted to meet you again next year with such full hearts, mutual respect and expanded minds.