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Winter Sprinter

By December 19, 2020News

Winter Sprinter

Dear ZNA Heads,

We have been preparing a little game for your enjoyment, that’ll be available on the morning (10am GMT time) of the 24th of December on all our digital platforms (website, Facebook and Instagram). We believe it’s going to make for a nice, warm and symbolic moment between our beautiful retro-futuristic family.

The first three people to successfully reach the end of our fun game will be granted with some nice treats, such as invitations for our ZNA Gathering next edition, ZNA Gathering Retro-Futuristic Compilations and some limited ZNA Gathering 2021 hoodies.

1)If you are one of the lucky ones to win a ZNA Gathering invitation and you already have a ticket under your name you can choose to:
A) address the invitations to someone else.
B) keep the invitation for yourself to be used at ZNA Gathering 2023.

2)The ZNA Gathering Retro-Futuristic Compilations and/or the hoodies will be given to you at our Info Point stand at the ZNA Land during our next edition. In case you can’t make it, it will be addressed to you only after the festival dates.

We are looking forward to sharing this moment with all of you.

Love & Light from yours devoted,
ZNA Team