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Artist Announcement

By October 5, 2020December 24th, 2020News

Paranoic Sensations!

As night approached we left the Xaman’s circle and delved into Zambuland under fiery skies.
The cool shades of day gave in to the fluorescent shadows of the night.
We could read the geometric patterns as they projected onto our tribe.
We felt the growing presence of the psychedelic realm within us.
As night progressed into darkness we heard a light within, a light expressed by sound…
The music was calling us towards the dance floor, our tribe was there already, we could sense the vibration on the floor, the heat the stomping feet.
Entering the dance floor was like crawling back into the womb of the universe.
Then we melted into the musical vortex and materialised the most powerful collective dance of our existence.
Powerful and yet sweet, dark and yet psychedelic, these PARANOIC SENSATIONS lift us into the cosmos…

Wait a moment, did he just say PARANOIC SENSATIONS???

You bet he did. Check out our latest artist announcement HERE