Tickets Information

Tickets Information

The 2019 Pricing is the result of long and careful thinking

We try our best to balance the need for financial sustainability as a fully legal, independent festival and a fair, affordable entrance fee.

All we wish is to be able to evolve in every aspect, so all the revenue will be directed towards the continuation of this project.

The tickets for the ZNA Gathering are limited. As we are focused on keeping a familiar and cosy vibe, characterized by quality and comfort.

And to guarantee this we decided to limit the maximum capacity to five thousand dancers.

Last edition we barely ran out of space and structure, and although our maximum capacity was never reached, we decided to close our gates for comfort, vibe and safety reasons. For us it is vital to keep true to our promises - we want to be a good thing, not a big one. We now feel more confident as we will offer our supporters better sanitary conditions, bigger infra-structures and more mesmerizing land-art for our collective delight.

Presale tickets - will be available in 3 different phases. All the phases are limited to their availability.

Gate and weekend tickets - are limited to the maximum capacity of the venue and this means the organization does not guarantee their availability at the gate.

In case you decide not to buy online and come without a ticket you will be assuming a big risk. In that case we strongly advise you to check the latest news regarding tickets availability on our website and social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram).

Premium tickets - the perfect solution for everyone who does not want to take the risk associated to the pre-sales, and wants to guarantee a refund in case they cannot make it to the festival (this option does not apply to the tipi bookings).

We invite you to read the terms & conditions in order to make your decision with a clear, informed mind.

Any further questions you may have, please reach us through our contact forms

Be aware that you can't buy a ticket on auction websites such as Ebay, Olx and many others.
Keep in mind that all tickets are personal and cannot be transferred, which means you cannot change the name on them. Only premium tickets are refundable.


Children under 13 years of age, are granted free entrance to the festival. Still, considering the very high temperatures, loud noise and levels of dust, we advise parents not to bring children under 3 years of age.


The ZNA Gathering bus ticket assures you:

- A 2-way trip between Lisbon Airport and the ZNA Gathering location.
- A safe, comfortable ride with a happy Zambu crowd, all the way to the Gathering and back!

Each ride takes approximately 3 hours so make sure you have enough time to get to your final destination

Specifications and prices of our Tipis

Each Tipi can be rented only for the complete period of the Gathering. There are several options you may choose from; you just have to check in the chart below to see the one that best suits your needs.

To find out more about the Zambu Tipi Camp follow this link Tipi Camp

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