Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1. Age rating: older than 18 years old.

2. Children under 18 years may only enter the Festival duly accompanied by the holder of parental responsibilities (parent) or by a duly identified adult that takes responsibility for them. If doubts about the age of the minor are raised, the officials in charge of inspection may request proof of age identification, under penalty of being denied entry into the venue.

3. The ticket is only valid for the place and date indicated in the ticket or in the site, prevailing this last one in case of conflict, and can not be returned or exchanged.

4. There are two types of tickets: regular ticket and Premium Ticket. The Regular ticket is subject to all rules defined in this section. The Premium ticket, is subject to all the same rules as the Regular ticket, but has the possibility of refund, upon written request sent to tickets@znagathering.com,, until the 1st of August 2019. The amount of the refund does not include legal taxes, commissions/booking fee or the "insurance" fee concerning the ticket. After the request, the refund will be done within 5 working days, through bank transfer.

5. It is forbidden to enter the venue with any objects that may be considered dangerous by the Promoter or that are forbidden by law.

6. By entering the venue, the public may be subjected to inspections, body checks and removal of unauthorized objects.

7. It is forbidden to enter with dangerous objects, namely, fire arms, explosive material, fireworks, knives, tools, spray bombs, glass cups, etc.

8. Any person demonstrating violent, aggressive or otherwise unlawful behavior, displaying symptoms of intoxication or having drugged drugs, or refusing to expropriate unauthorized or unapproved objects shall be refused entry into the Festival.

9. The entry of animals is not permitted in the Festival, except for assistance dogs in compliance with the provisions of Decree-Law nº 74/2007 of 27th of March.

10. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces of the Festival, in compliance with the provisions of Law 37/2007 of 14 August.

11. Audio and video recordings and broadcasts of all or part of the event by any means, as well as the use of professional cameras, are strictly prohibited.

12. The ticket holder recognizes that his image can be captured and recorded during the event, and therefore, grants, free of charge, to the Promoter all the image rights he / she has on them.

13. The Promoter undertakes to refund the amount corresponding to the price of the ticket, in the situations established in the legislation in force.

14. The ticket holder acts at his own risk, expressly acknowledging that the Promoter cannot be held liable for any risks or damages, or for any other incident, whether it occurs before, during or after his permanence in Festival, except for incidents resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the same.

15. The resale of tickets as well as their use for promotional or institutional purposes is prohibited without the express written consent of the Promoter.

16. The ticket holder will lose his rights upon leaving the venue.

17. The ticket holders whose actions are inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions may see refused its entry or permanence in the Festival and the respective tickets cancelled without refund. The Promoter, using its decision-making powers, reserves the right to take other legal means.

18. The nullity, ineffectiveness or non-application, by the competent court of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not invalidate the application of other rules.

19. At all times the Promoter reserves the right, to update and introduce changes and amendments to the rules established in these Terms and Conditions, without prior communication, and therefore, the holder of the ticket must periodically, to stay informed, consult them in Terms and Conditions, where will always be an updated version of the Terms and Conditions, so the ticket holder cannot claim ignorance of any changes and amendments made.

20. The Promoter reserves the right to change or modify the Event program.

21. Any omissions cases, will be resolved by application of the law in force.

22. The ticket holder expressly declares that he has read, understood and accepted, fully and without reservation, these Terms and Conditions and is fully aware of the rights and obligations arising from them.

ZNA Land Policy

Please read ZNA's policies and conditions.

Website Terms

The website www.znagathering.com, hereinafter designated as “site” is property of Zambu Production, LDA., with head office at Avenida Dr. Manuel Espírito Santo e Silva, n.º 60 – 10.º B, 2750-748 Cascais, with tax ID number 513358048, registered at the Commercial Registration Office with the same number, with share capital of € 21.000,00 (twenty one thousand euros), hereinafter designated as “Zambu” or “Event Promotor” or “Promotor”.
The use of this site grants whoever does it, the condition of user, and reflects the full acceptance with no reservation by the user of the terms and conditions of the site and the event. The use made by the user of any information, contents, products or services available on or through the site, is subject to this Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy Note.
Zambu” does everything in its power to ensure the availability of the site is continuous and that all communications are free of errors. Nevertheless, due to internet´s nature, they can not guarantee this. Moreover, the access to the site can be interrupted ocasionally for repair, maintenace or inclusion of new services. “Zambu” will do its best to make this interruptions rare and of short duration. “Zambu” may, at any time, modify the terms and conditions of the site, which, once published, are considered accepted by the user on the next visit to the site.


Zambu” grants you a free and limited license to access and use the site, except to modify or download (except specifically authorized) of all or part of the site, without “Zambu”´s prior written consent. This license does not include any permission to sell or make a commercial use of this site, or its contents; any modified use of the site or its contents, which are not public domain; any download or copy of information for the benefit of third parties; any use of tools such as data mining, robots, or any other for the extraction and compilation of data.


You should not use the site in any way that can cause, now or in the future, problems on its normal function or on its availability. The users, and not “Zambu”, are responsible for all electronic communications and contets sent from their computers to the site, and can only use them for legitimate purposes. The site can not be used for fraudulent purposes, or any purpose connected with ilegal activities; to send, use or reuse any material that is ilegal, ofensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene or threatening; or that disrespects copyright, privacy or any other right; or sending materials which contains vírus, politic propaganda, spam.
The users of the site declare to know and accept the terms and conditions of the site, and ensure to respect it and take responsability for all actions or omissions that contradict them.


Although “Zambu” makes all efforts to ensure there are no errors and that all information if updated, can not assume the responsability for the exactitude of all contents and damage that may arise from them.
Zambu” reserves the right to suspend or modify the contents or the way they are presented, change its designation or even close the site, whenever considered necessary according to its strategy and technical needs, without any prior warning, and for the time considered necessary, without any responsability to indemnify.


All content refered herein, including texto, graphs, logos, bottons, images, audio clips, vídeo clips, and software is property of “Zambu” or third parties duly identified, and is protected by the Portuguese Code of Copyright. The compilation of all data and its layout are property of “Zambu”.


Please read our Privacy Note. Privacy Note


This Terms and Conditions are ruled by the Portuguese Law.


By accepting our purchase terms you hereby declare that you have read and understand the purchase conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, the user should not accept these terms and refrain from making purchases on our platform.

BeatBase ApS, the BeatBase.com website and platform (hereinafter "BeatBase") may alter these terms at any time. By continuing to use the service following any such alteration the user shall be deemed to accept such changes.

These purchase terms apply to the relationship between the ticket holder, BeatBase ApS, and the event organizer, which is also considered to be the ticket seller. The event organizer must read and be familiar with these terms before establishing an event on BeatBase.com.

Furthermore, the ticket holder/purchaser must also be familiar with the terms before purchasing tickets on BeatBase. The terms are applicable for ticket sales and the purchasing of tickets.


These purchase terms and conditions should be read in their entirety. The following is a brief summary of some of the most essential conditions:

• BeatBase does not replace lost or misplaced tickets. Be sure to save a copy of your event ticket in your email inbox so that you are able to print a replacement. The BeatBase fee will never be refunded.

• BeatBase is a ticket intermediary. This means that BeatBase delivers tickets to ticket purchasers and conveys payment to the event organizer. BeatBase is not responsible for the quality, conditions, location or other event particulars.

• BeatBase is not responsible for an event organizer's bankruptcy, receivership or other reclamations, nor for event cancellations. All contact in such cases must be directed to the event organizer via the CONTACT ORGANIZER link on the relevant event detail page.

• Beatbase does not refund tickets. Some organizers might refund tickets due to special circumstances. Ticket holders may attempt to contact the event organizer by use of the CONTACT ORGANIZER link on the event detail page. All ticket processing and credit card processing fees are non-refundable.

• BeatBase has no responsibility for ticket piracy, copying of tickets or any fraud related to such actions.

Our Service

BeatBase is a digital ticket platform for electronic music events. We issue tickets on behalf of event organizers which are sold to the consumer, thus our role is to facilitate the sale and processing of event tickets via our powerful and user-friendly platform.

The contractual relationship concerning an event exists only between the ticket purchaser/holder and the event organizer. BeatBase.com is not an agent or distributor for the organizer, nor is BeatBase.com in any way responsible for the actions of the event organizer.

Electronic Communication

By accepting these purchase terms you acknowledge that BeatBase and the event organizer may communicate with you as a ticket purchaser through various channels, including: email, text messages, telephone, and directly via the BeatBase platform.

Tickets and Delivery

BeatBase issues tickets electronically in the form of a unique barcode which is sent to the email address you provide when completing your purchase. It is your responsibility to print your ticket and present it at the event venue on the scheduled event date and time. A receipt with a reference code will be sent to your email address together with the ticket. It is not sufficient to present the purchase receipt at the venue; the original ticket barcode must be presented to gain entry to the event. If you have not received your ticket within one hour of completing purchase, please contact tickets@znagathering.com, making sure to include your full name and address, date and time of purchase in your email.

Ticket Prices and Fees

• The final purchase price includes a ticket fee and a handling fee.

• The base ticket price is determined by the event organiser.

• The handling fee is determined between BeatBase and the organiser.

• Ticket prices will always be quoted as a total, but you will be presented with a detailed price and fee breakdown before submitting the transaction for payment to your financial institution.

Credit card fees are normally included in the final purchase price. Customers using credit cards issued from outside of Europe may be subject to higher or additional fees.


All prices on BeatBase are quoted in the currency determined by the event promoter. We offer following credit card payment options: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard and American Express.

The purchaser's First Name, Last Name, Street Address, Postal Code, City, Phone Number & Country details are required for Stripe (our credit card processor) to process payment and prevent fraud.

Refund Policy

According to Danish law, ticket sales are not protected under the refund law.
As a ticket provider, BeatBase is not responsible for refunds if an event is cancelled. Contractually, BeatBase seeks to ensure that event organizers provide refunds in cases of event cancellation. All service charges, ticket fees, processing fees and delivery charges are non-refundable.

The event organizer is responsible for the accuracy of the information communicated to BeatBase regarding the content and implementation of all events. Furthermore, BeatBase is not responsible for complaints regarding the characteristics, quality or any other features specific to an event. Please contact the event organizer directly via the 'My Events' page for any questions or feedback related to such issues.

Ticket Errors

BeatBase reserves the right to cancel any ticket which has an incorrect price, was offered prior to the intended ticket release date, was sold for an event which has not been approved for sale, or was sold in error due to any other technical or human error. In such cases, BeatBase will issue a refund for the full purchase price of the cancelled ticket(s).


BeatBase does not refund sold tickets.

The BeatBase ticket fee is in all cases non-refundable.

BeatBase does not refund lost, stolen or damaged tickets.

The ticket-holder may seek compensation of the ticket with the organizer. It is the event organizer alone that determines whether a specific ticket purchase may be refunded, at its own discretion.

Should the event organizer cancel an event, it is the organizer's responsibility to inform BeatBase and the customers who purchased tickets. The organizer is responsible for all decisions regarding refunds, or for contacting customers regarding an alternative event date.

BeatBase accepts no responsibility for misused organizer accounts. BeatBase is not responsible for losses incurred due to the misuse of an account by the account owner or any other party. This includes but is not limited to: incorrect event information and other general misuse of the account.

Organizers are responsible for informing BeatBase of any errors or issues with the platform. BeatBase is in no way responsible for losses caused by such errors or issues, but will endeavor to correct such as soon as possible.

Neither the ticket-holder nor the event organizer can hold BeatBase accountable for the abuse or misuse of any event organizer, affiliate or other BeatBase platform accounts.

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