Market Stage

Market Stage

Music is our language, and even though we are grounded in a strong and powerful concept we also like to fly away from our comfort zone, shake things up and experience new ways of psychedelia.
That's why we were pretty excited and assertively accepted the proposal from our dearest friend and artist Alex Tolstey to have a space dedicated to different - but always psychedelic -, deep, trendy and sexy beats. By having one of the most professional and passionate men in the scene take control of such a place, magic will surely happen.

This new place located in the middle of the flea-market will be known as the Market Stage / Poison Bar, and will be pumping everytime the mainfloor is resting, for all of you untamed zambus that still have a lot of energy to dance out.

Even though this area will not have - yet - an official program, you can count with some of the best deck wizards out there: Joti Sidhu, MNGRM, Bart, Ferro, James Monro, MASA, Yuta, Gabriel Le Mar, Alex himself and many others are just some of the names of the stars that will brighten up this new ZNA spot.

We invite all of you to pass by and check the daily program our alchemist Alex is synthesizing for our delight.


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