Launch ticket sales date and information

Launch ticket sales date and information

Dear ZNA Heads,

As you may know our pre-sale digital store will open this Sunday (28th of October) at 01pm Portugal time (GMT). We are really excited and anxious to launch the sales as they will show us if our decisions, dedication and effort are being acknowledge by our community.


📢The only way to purchase our tickets or services is through our website in the Buy Tickets sub-section.

📢 ZNA tickets and services are personal and non-transferable. Only Premium tickets have the option of getting a refund but you must do it until the 01 of August 2019. Premium ( or any other) tickets cannot be renamed.
And that´s why we strongly advise you to read carefully all our Terms & Conditions, which are available on our website on the Tickets section, before you purchase your ZNA ticket or service.


📢 We can never know how much of you are planning to get the 1st phase ticket, What we know is that our 1st phase sold out in 10 minutes in the previous edition. It´s true that we increased the amount of tickets available in this phase, but we also believe there will be a increase in the demand.
So please don´t stress out if it happens again, it only means ZNA Gathering is gaining confidence, interest and support among our worldwide community. And this exactly what we need to keep making our dream a collective reality.


📢 The ticket system works as first-come-first-served basis. This means there is the possibility that you may experience some frustrating moments while trying to purchase your ticket. If this happens, its because the demand is bigger then the offer and the ticket system is waiting for the users who are purchasing the last tickets available on the current phase to understand if it needs to jump to a next phase or to send those tickets back into the system in case the person (who is purchasing the last tickets) did not complete the purchase.
So in this case, we kindly ask you be patience and don´t stress out, this from our perspective is the most fair way to deal with this kind of situation.


📢 The only payment option we will have available is by using credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express etc) In case you don´t have a valid credit card we suggest you make a digital one that works exclusevly for Online purchases. It´s easy, safe and there are tons of options around. Check them out.


📢 Everytime we reach the number we have available for each phase or the deadline ends, we will automatically start selling the next ticket phase.

📢 The ambassadors option, which are planned to start selling in the beginning of the year (2019) will work with the phase that will be ongoing on the digital store. This means there are not guaranteed phases for this option.

Last but no least:

📢 Keep in mind that in Portugal the hour will change during the night of Sunday which means that the digital store will open at current 01 PM GMT and not GMT+1 as it is right now.

📢 Any questions or doubts please reach us through our contact forms. It´s much easier for our team to get back to you through them and this avoids the possibility of us not seeing your doubt/question as it might happen when you write on the comments section in the social media platforms."

Check out our tickets section for more information Tickets Information

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