Dear ZNA Heads,

In less the 20 days we meet again! How great is that?

We have taken the initiative to gather a list of things that are welcome, to be avoided or forbidden to bring / use in our ZNA land, for all of you zambus that are already starting to pack.

On this list you will find some ground rules that we believe are crucial for maintaining a healthy, sustainable community experience in such a beautiful protected piece of land during 9 fantastic days.

As you might have realized there are some things we can absolutely not allow, specially the ones that may have a direct effect on other people's privacy and safety. Others we want to discourage its use, as they have the power to negatively affect people, privacy, health, and safety. And last but not least we throw some suggestions on what you might bring so as to make your staying at our Gathering, and your impact on Mother Nature, the most positive one.

We thank you for your understanding and compliance of these rules - after all we are ZNA family, and all we want is the best experience for all zambus.

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