Lambda Labs

Lambda Labs

The time has come for us to reveal one of the biggest efforts we decided to make for our next ZNA edition - the MAJOR upgrade of the soundsytem for our sacred retro-futuristic mainfloor.

For most people this is one of the most important aspects to consider in every festival they attend, as we do too. So we wanted to chose the perfect sound system that would provide the sensations, melodies and colors we all seek, not only regarding the finest soundwave quality possible but also taking into special consideration the user's experience and comfort.

So, for this edition we took a step further and deeply explored our futuristic side - and this was actually a really interesting ride, as we learnt much about quality, skills and performance of every soundsystem we analyzed. And amongst all, there was one that really stood out when we tested it with our preferred kind of music; it has a flawless crystal-clear definition and a huge dynamic reach that made us fall in love immediately.

After this extenuating process of choosing the right sound system for our gathering came the most difficult part - the hard realization that our choice was a brand new system, with almost no providers that could ensure the quantity needed for such a high demand like our beloved mainfloor. But we believe that nothing is impossible to the willing heart - we want the absolute best for our gathering, and we decided that we must have it. And after a couple of months we finally met this amazing and professional team who shown us that everything is possible when we dream high and plan seriously.

It's with great pleasure and true excitement that we present the Lambda Labs sound system, directly from the main provider, and lead by Miguel Escada and his team from Lambda Labs Portugal Distribution , one of the most professional sound engineers we know.

We believe this sound system will truly reveal just how amazing, powerful and detailed the music we have been dancing to in the last decades, REALLY is.

Get ready to ride the sound waves and go with the flow of the best retro-futuristic trance music, like you've never heard it before. We can't wait to feel that powerful bass with you on our psychedelic garden of Eden.

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