Our goal is to bring feelings and sounds from the recent past back to life in a very friendly atmosphere through a special outdoor gathering. A moment where energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way.


The ZNA Gathering program is carefully designed to bring you the ultimate psychedelic experience of all. Here is where all our devotion takes shape; it’s where we make sure to exceed expectations, edition after edition.


What’s so special about ZNA land? How can I get there? What should I visit while I’m in Portugal?


Everything you need to know in advance, in order to make your experience an example for the community, while still getting the most out of it.


This gathering depends on you. If you feel you have the skills that can guarantee a meaningful ZNA experience for all of us, we invite you to send your application for our consideration.


Are you a nostalgic person? We know we are – and so we made this photo and video gallery where you can revive those special moments and feelings experienced in every ZNA Gathering edition.


This is where all our dedication, sacrifice and devotion materialize in terms of financial sustainability; where your support has a direct effect on the evolution of the ZNA reality. Here you can find everything you need to know regarding tickets, services prices and conditions.