Dear ZNA Heads,

After many hours of internal discussion and careful thought we finally reached the decision many of you have been waiting for – The official dates of our next ZNA Gathering Celebration.

One of the main reasons ZNA Gathering has been able to keep its authenticity since its inception is the light weight our structure represents in terms of fixed costs.

We have always avoided external solutions to mitigate these costs, which would be indeed more practical and much easier, but would no doubt force us to be more focused on income instead of the dream we want to materialize with our Retro-Futuristic Gathering. We don’t want to have our hands tied or to compromise our vision in any way!

We were not expecting the pandemic, which forced us to postpone our lives, our dreams and our freedom to share our psychedelic dancing experiences. Nevertheless, this postponed edition still became the most beautiful ever, showing us that when we have our heart in the right place we are able to materialize dreams!

This is what we feel we need to protect now, nothing else.

So from our experience and in order to keep our structure, we do need almost 2 years for planning and preparation in order to have our festival rocking.

Even though we’re all aching to share another moment with you, we also feel it’s our duty to keep our ZNA unique, rare and special. This means our next dates will be in the summer of 2024 (not 2023) followed by 2026… we’re sticking to even years now.

The good thing is that from now on you can start using our new FB event page to share ZNA and to have something to look for in the near future…

We promise we will keep devoting ourselves to you. In coming weeks/months you can expect many Zambu treats such as the official video, photos and recorded performances from this last epic edition.

Meanwhile we are preparing our next bi-annual meeting, all of this and more with the unique goal of keeping our Zambu flame alive and kicking.

We share ZNA